About Erin


BS in Food and Nutrition, with a concentration in Dietetics

Certifications in ServSafe and Nutrition Education

Favorite food: ice cream

Hello! Lovely to meet you

My name is Erin. I started this blog as a way to share what I have learned, working as a Nutrition Educator around Boston. On a personal level, I am hoping that it will inspire me to continue to grow and learn.

Unsurprisingly, I love nutrition. I love the science of metabolism, the valuable connections between culture and food, the excitement of trying a new meal and even exploring the confusing emotions that govern body image.

I quickly learned that in order to share this love with others, I had to be able to communicate effectively. It takes a lot of mental energy to edit my speech into a clear and understandable flow. I still have to think about it every time I open my mouth. Additionally, I also found it important to meet people where they are in their nutrition relationship. Not everyone has a positive relationship with food and it’s important to respect that.

I like to sum up my strategy into a phase that you might see a lot around this site:

Be kind and keep an open mind.

What I believe in

  • Free access to accurate Nutrition information
  • Treating everyone as a valued individual
  • Supporting body positivity and HAES
  • Continued learning and exploration

Some of my experiences include:

(2017 – present)
Focusing on the underserved communities in Boston, I have taught nutrition to preschoolers, seniors and everyone in between! I try to develop lessons that are interactive, fun and interesting.

Framingham State Food Study
While it’s not a diet I would recommend, this research study taught me a lot about the anatomy and science of weight changes. There are so many factors involved when investigating this topic and the FS2 covered an impressive amount.

Around the world
I have discussed food safety in South African townships. At an American Indian reservation in Montana, I have struggled to find healthy solutions for living in a food desert. These experiences have forever shaped the way I interact with nutrition. In them, I recognize my privilege and work to channel it into helping others.

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